Artemis Fund, Inc. is a non-profit organization which works to promote the human rights of women and girls. Started in 1998, Artemis Fund, Inc. has organized numerous community and educational projects to create a more just, safe, and equitable world for women and girls. Please peruse through our website to learn more about our work, get involved, and support our efforts!

About Us

Artemis Fund, Inc. is a non-profit organization led by feminist activists committed to social justice and women's human rights. Artemis Fund, Inc. works to educate the general public about women's civil and human rights as well as to promote women's cultural creativity and development through community lectures, instruction, and performances.

Artemis Fund, Inc. adopts a radical feminist perspective grounded in the following:

  • We oppose violence against women in all its forms, including battering, rape, prostitution, pornography, trafficking, incest, poverty, female genital mutilation, and gynocide.
  • We seek to challenge and do away with all forms of hierarchy and domination, including sexism, racism, classism, and every other interconnected oppression.
  • We believe that movements for change are necessary to make change in our local communities and in the world.
  • We envision and work to create just, egalitarian, respectful, noncoercive relationships, structures and institutions.

Get Involved

Artemis Fund, Inc. welcomes your involvement! We are in need of volunteers to help table, assist in outreach efforts, work on various projects, and help activate local and national activism. To learn more, please click here.