Resources on Domestic Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-7233 (1-800-799-SAFE); TTY: 1-800-787-3224

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Hot Peach Pages
Domestic Violence information in 70+ languages.

Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community

National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence (Alianza)
Information and resources on domestic violence specific to Latinas.

Asian and Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence

ADWAS: Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services

The Rural Womyn Zone
News about rural woman abuse, Native American abuse; links to national rural women's task force on abuse and resources.

Mending the Sacred Hoop
Articles and links to information on Native Americans, rural women, lesbians, immigrants and others.

Domestic Violence Fact Sheet

Violence Against Women links and web resources

Resources on Rape and Sexual Violence

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) runs the National Sexual Assault Hotline

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Violence Against Women Online Resources

The Clothesline Project

No! The Rape Documentary is a groundbreaking feature-length documentary that unveils the reality of rape, other forms of sexual violence, and healing in African-American communities.

State Sexual Assault Coalitions

Resources on Harms of Prostitution and Trafficking

Prostitution Research and Education (PRE) conducts research on prostitution, pornography and trafficking, and offers education and consultation to researchers, survivors, the public and policymakers.

Standing Against Global Exploitation (SAGE) is a San Francisco based organization that provides information about and resources for victims of trafficking, sexual exploitation and violence, and individuals involved in the sex trade and those thinking of or having left prostitution.

Lola Greene Baldwin Foundation helps people escape the life of prostitution, survive, and recover from its long-term effects. It also provides education about the effects of the sex industry on those used in it, and its effects on the larger community.

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE)

Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation

Sweden's Prostitution Solution: Why Hasn't Anyone Tried This Before? Article that looks at the Swedish model on prostitution which decriminalizes the selling of sex, but maintains the criminalization of pimps, johns, and traffickers.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

GABRIELA Network is a Philippine-US women's solidarity mass organization.

Polaris Project is a multicultural grassroots organization combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

Resources on Harms of Pornography

Stop Porn Culture is dedicated to challenging the pornography industry and an increasingly pornographic pop culture. Their work toward ending industries of sexual exploitation is grounded in a feminist analysis of sexist, racist, and economic oppression. They affirm sexuality that is rooted in equality and free of exploitation, coercion, and violence.

Against Pornography is a feminist anti-pornography website which aims to raise awareness about the harms of pornography (as well as of prostitution) to women and children. The goals of the website are also to create a venue for people to speak of the harms of pornography, to encourage them to take action against pornography, and to educate them on the dangers of it.

Anti-Porn Resource Center

Genderberg Website resource for prostitution, pornography, trafficking and sexual exploitation activists and researchers.

Hustling the Left

No Porn Northampton Website with 500+ articles on a variety of topics related to the impact of pornography on people and communities.

Local (Western MA) Resources

Safe Passage provides support, shelter, counseling, and an abundance of resources to women, children, and families affected by domestic violence in Hampshire County. Safe Passage's hotline is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days per year: (413) 586-5066 or toll-free (888) 345-5282.

Womanshelter/Companeras is dedicated to assisting, supporting, and empowering those whose lives are affected by battering and abuse. 24 hour hotline: 1-877-536-1628

YWCA offers numerous programs and services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, including a 24-hour domestic violence/sexual assault hotline. Hotline: 413-733-7100(TTY/V) or toll-free 800-796-8711(TTY/V).

Rape Crisis Services Program at the Everywoman's Center provides free and confidential crisis services for survivors in the Hampshire County and Five College Community. They support survivors of rape; sexual assault; childhood sexual abuse; stalking; domestic violence; emotional, psychological and verbal abuse. 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 413-545-0800, 888-337-0800 (Local Long Distance), 413-577-0940 (TTY) MA Relay 711, Llamanos, 1-800-223-5001.